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Cleaning the windows could be very tiring and needs a lot of effort to make it clean and clear. If you are going to use commercial soap cleaner to clean the glass window, then it wouldn’t be as spotless as cleaning it in the natural way and it leaves some stain and might be very harmful to the environment and to the skin of the person when you are using it, especially if you that kind of person who have a very sensitive type of skin. The same thing goes to those people who get their skin irritated easily when being contacted to strong detergent or cleaning soaps. You can buy immediately some store window cleaner in the market. But you need to be very careful about the content of them. They are usually containing too much ammonia which can be very unpleasant to smell and to breath in. It can cause nose problem like the sinusitis and sinuses due to very strong odor. If you don’t clean your window glass properly it can result to damage and even cracking of the glass in which you would need to call or contact a window repair contractor college station. It would take a lot of money and sometimes may lead to full renovation and replacement of the window. But you don’t need to worry as here are some of the steps in making your own cleaner which could be very environmentally friendly and good for the health because you don’t need to inhale the toxic odor of the commercial window cleaner.  


  1. You may use the condiment that we usually use when we cook food. One of these is the vinegar. You can prepare a full cap of vinegar and you need to add a half of tablespoon of washing soap or even liquid detergent soap. Pour this to a gallon of warm or even lukewarm water. Make sure that you mix them thoroughly. Then you can pour some amount of it in a spraying bottle and then you are ready to use it now as a glass cleaner agent the next time you clean your window.  
  2. Another way by using your vinegar is mixing it with the skin or peel of lemon, or even orange or any other citrus fruit. It is going to be a long preparation before you can totally use it. After a week, you can pour some of the content to the spraying tool. Don’t pour too much of it as you still need to add a cup of tap water. 
  3. You may try using the club soda with a cup of vinegar and additional corn starch to a gallon of lukewarm liquid or water. Just mix and shake well and it is ready to be used now.  
  4. We are using rubbing alcohol to disinfect our hands from germs and bacteria. But, we can use it as well to clean the window. Just simply mix a half glass of vinegar to a half cup of alcohol to. It means the same level and content.  
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